Classic Old Skool Silver DUBS Graffiti

Our world, our Art, is dominated by colours. With so many colourful Graffiti designs out there, some of which are jaw dropping, it makes me think of when Graffiti first hit the scene. Back in the 70's and early 80's when it was a new phenomenon, Graffiti went through some crazy stages of discovery. A lot of experimentation. So many people were rushing to get into it, many never having drawn / tagged before. I suppose everyone has to start somewhere.

But as a result, along with some really good pieces, there were so many terrible (Toy) ones out there too. That hasn't changed. There is still a lot of good and bad. But over the years, and with more practise and experience, some writers have got a lot better. Looking back, and considering where it is now, Graffiti has come a long way in its evolutionary process. Murals and Pieces have evolved with the times. And there are also many more good quality spray paint brands to choose from.

Some of those include Krylon, Kobra, Molotow, Ironlak and Montana. In the UK during the 80's and 90's, there were a lot more pieces that were Silver / Chrome. They are still very much around today, but not like they were back in the earlier days. Silver and Black were / are two of the classic colours used in combination. This is called Dubs.

Using a minimal amount of colours, usually only one or two, makes it much faster to throw up, and certainly takes less effort where transporting spray cans / cannons is concerned. However, with just two colours a good artist (King) can still put up an impressive piece. If you're interested in seeing some really early pieces from the 80's, check out a book called Subway Art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant (1984).

That was the first and only book I ever owned about Graffiti. And it is excellent. It showcases some the early, old skool pieces from the New York City Subways / Trains, and also features some of the true old school Kings, such as SEEN.


LondonCityWarlord said...

2nd pic SIK

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Silver dubs for the win

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