About This Website

Urban Diode is a photo blog / image archive of some of the things I like to photograph. Graffiti / street art, old buildings, structures, and places that not many people get to see. That could be anything from the back of a shop, a disused road or abandoned railway station, to a drug hangout under a bridge. In fact, almost anything that catches my eye or has a strange, nostalgic feel to it.

I love capturing things that have the potential to go away and be no more. Like abandoned buildings, street art, etc. Buildings get torn down and urban art / Graffiti gets drawn over or removed. And once they're gone, that's it. You never get another chance to capture it. If, for any reason you want to contact me, just send over a comment on any post, or this page (post a comment link below) and I'll get back to you shortly.

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