SWAE Blue Graffiti

SWAE's been a busy boy. I've featured his work on Urban Motion a few times already. And still have some that I'm yet to post. Pretty sure the post before this one was also done by Swae. I can see a lot of similarity's between the pieces. They're all good. This one is nice. A lot of the super pieces you see posted online, and there are some that really are amazing, lot's of them are done on smooth surfaces, and some are paste ups.

swae blue graffiti birmingham photo

Paste ups look excellent, and definitely have their place, but they are designed in relative comfort, and the artist can take a long as they want to draw the piece. From days, to weeks and beyond. Then just go out and Wheatpaste it somewhere. That's why pieces like this should be appreciated. They are put up on a dirty brick wall that's had a covering of paint. On some of the pieces posted on this site, if you zoom in (enlarge), you get a true close up look at what these guys are working with. It's not easy to put up a nice piece on that type of surface. Of course, using stencils always helps. But full respect to the artists that still do everything free-hand outside on poor surfaces. Keeping Graffiti truly old school.

Nice Off Road Wall Art

Canal side wall art. What does it say. I think it says SWAE. Only because there is someone in this area who goes by that tag, so I think it is his work. Could be wrong. Nice piece though. Open to suggestions.

nice wall art uk