Strange Hidden Piece That Says..

Away from all the pieces that sit back-to-back, well out of view, there was this strange little super colourful hidden gem that I just happened to notice right at the end of the walkway. It's all alone. It will probably burn for years! What does it say? Well, I'm not sure if it says anything, but there is a crew in this area called CRZ. And it looks as though it could possibly read that. Or just CS or CRS. Open to suggestions. Regardless of what it says, I think its a superb little piece. The sun was out in force just for the time I was taking photos of this artwork (just my luck), so please excuse the slight glare.

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Urban-Diode said...

I like to give credit to the artist if its known. Just been informed that this piece was done by someone called vomit. Thanks for that Woody (Facebook). Can't log in to thank you personally as Facebook has locked my account for some unknown reason.