Superb One Word Street Art

Love this piece. Definitely one of the favourites that I've photographed over the last month. Pretty sure the name to the right of this piece is associated / the signature part of this art work. If it is, this was done by Mef. Everything about it is just well put together. The lettering, 3D, colour combinations and outer detail. It all flows nicely. What does it say? I think it says either "Forms" or "Forme". Open to suggestions. Leave a comment below. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming month.

Superb One Word Street Art

All Seeing Eye Occult Graffiti

A skull with the Illuminati all seeing eye in the place where the eyes would normally be. A weird bit of one eye symbolism, that now seems popping up more and more all over the place. These days it's like a fashion statement, with kids actually wearing the eye at the top of the pyramid on their clothes, and doing all the hand signs that go along with it.

All Seeing Eye Occult Graffiti

All promoted by the main stream media of course.. Don't be fooled. If you know anything about this symbol, what is represents today (the eye of Lucifer), and the hand signs that go along with it, you will know that it's actually demonic occult symbolism. It shouldn't be worshipped, idolised, or looked at as something fun for kids to relate to. Regardless of that, this is a nice piece of artwork. I think the whole piece says Pocs.

Colourful Wall FAES Wording

FAES. Another way of writing Faze.. Colourful little straight one worder from one of the CRZ crew. Not bad. Someone has dissed it slightly and written over it with red spray and scribbled some sillyness. Usually just kids, and looking at what was sprayed, that looks to be the case here. Click the image to enlarge.

Shakffiti Lettering

Nice lettering. It's like mini piece compared to some of the others, which are huge. Shak. Quite an odd colour combination. The lettering itself though is really good. This is the first time I've seen anything by Shak. Going on the NHS in the right hand corner (their art is everywhere), odds are he has other artwork out there.

Straight Chrome Throw By MEF

See MEF's work all over the place. He is one of the prolific writers in the Birmingham area. Not Alabama! Some have asked me if this is in Alabama USA. No, it's in the UK. This is one of MEF's more quicker, straighter throws. He has some good work out there. Some of which I will be posting over the coming months. Basic lettering Chrome, Black and Blue "MEF Is Fonz Kool". I've got a Ton of new pieces to come. Stay tuned.

Weird Wallffiti

Weird piece of Wallffiti. What does it say. A guess would be "Think" or "Mik". I'm not sure. I say "Think" because there is someone in this area who writes that all the time, so perhaps it is one of theirs. Close up you can see there is quite a lot of detailing / colours going on. Strange Wallffiti.

Beautiful Colourway Graffiti UK

Look what I got for you today from UK. Love the colour combinations of this piece. Teal green, various shades of Purple, White and Grey. Excellent lettering style. I think it either says Base or Bask. Art like this makes up for all the Toy I see on a daily basis. What do you think of it? Click the images for a closer look.