Chrome Dub Pase UK

Nice UK Chrome dub - Pase. Almost every piece that I've seen from Pase have been really well done. They all follow the same styling, so I guess he has perfected this piece design over the years. I have one piece (Not Chrome) that I have been holding back for a while, and it is excellent. Will post it soon.

Tabu Graffiti Lettering

Seen the tag Tabu around quite a lot. Seen a few throws like this around lately also. This ones quite a nice little throw. Nice colouring, and I like the round / bubbly lettering style.


Fink Art

I know its a bit late, but happy new year! Here is a quick one worder for 2018. Fink. A very colourful piece, written in a fairly basic lettering style. Not a bad little throw. Reminds me of the old saying out of Shaolin and Wu tang: You must think first, before you move. Stay tuned, lots to come this year.

fink art
Fink Art, by Urban Diode can be can be reused under the CC Attribution 4.0 International License. Please visit this page to read about how to give appropriate credit to the author when reusing.