Graffiti Art Birmingham

Superb piece that I think was done by MEF REMO. Seen a lot of his work and this piece has so many of his trademarks. Looks to be a great mix of stencil work and freehand. Love the shading and the orange character head with eyes, which I've seen quite a lot lately within MEF artwork. #GraffitiArtBirmingham



Graffiti Art Photos

Quick bright throw by Chor. Lot's of throws by Chor can be seen all over Birmingham, West Midlands UK. This guy gets around. Motorways, Dual Carriage Ways, on the side of shops, etc. I see the Chor tag everywhere. #GraffitiArtPhotos #throwup. So here's another one.

Graffiti Art Photos

Cool Piecework

Nice piece done by I presume NHS + FKS. I don't think it actually says anything, but is more of a pattern / super colourful 3D block design. With a cool head in the middle, wearing what looks to be a pair of ski glasses on top of his head. Props for this one. Nice work.


The Da Vinci Code

Master decipher needed for this one. Does it say anything at all. Another one of those that only the person, or people who designed it know what it reads. I know the title, The Da Vinci Code is a little over the top, but I couldn't help myself. Any guesses as to what it says? I didn't think so. Strange creation. I like it.



A quick straight 3 colour throw from SWAE. Lot's more from SWAE is featured on this blog. Take a look here, here and here for more Graffiti from the SWAECAN.


Got Pics Tag Wall

Really nice popped one worder. PICS. Done by Team G going by the tag in the bottom left. More dope pics coming soon. Stay tuned.

Got Pics Tag Wall-Urban Artists

Weird Graff Writing - Infaimous?

Another quick post here. A weird piece that's hard to decipher. I think only the writer knows what it says. Next to this piece on the right it says infaimous. Yeah, spelt like that. So not sure if that's what it says, but if it does, I can't really make it out except for the S at the end. I don't think it says that though. Open to suggestions. Sun glare is annoying at this location.

Weird Graff Writing - Infaimous?

PASE 3D Orange Graffiti

I've photographed quite a few PASE pieces over the last few months, and I really like his work. In my opinion, he has mastered / perfected his piece and can consistently put up really impressive work. Love the letter styling, and the colour combinations are always superb. There's a few Pase pieces on this blog, but if you want to see one that's not on this site, take a look here:

PASE 3D Orange Graffiti

In regards to the piece pictured here, I only managed to get this one shot of it as I was in a bit of a rush and was surrounded by more artwork than I had time to take pictures of. When I have more time I might go back to see if there's anything new, and take some more shots of pieces like this one that I wanted more images of.