Dark Half Face Wall Art

It's been a while since I posted on this site, so I thought I'd add something today. A pretty good half face attempt using colours black and grey. If I have one criticism it would be that the lips look a bit too puckered, like they've had a shot of botox. Yuk! Other than that, it's quite a good attempt. Shame about the sun glare in the first picture.

FAES Graffiti Writing

Another nice piece from FAES. FAES artwork has been featured on this blog several times (see more here), and the work is usually done in a fairly simple to read, straight writing style, but always nicely done. This one is nice, great colourway. A mostly chrome but with some nice colours added into the mix.

Nice Graffiti Unknown

Quite a nice throw here. Nice colouring. Haven't got a clue what it says though, or who put it up. An unknown. Looks to be initials of some kind. P.K.. CRK.. Open to suggestions.