Garfield Cartoon Character Graffiti

Garfield Cartoon Character Graffiti. Look what I found. A Birthday message from Garfield. Happy Birthday Sarah. Great little piece. I'm not sure who it was done by, but the colourful block design / writing to the side looks very similar to another really nice piece of artwork that has already been posted on this blog and was titled as "Cool Piecework". You can see that piece here. I was sure I seen a Garfield 2 movie being talked about a few months ago. Can't remember where. Is it in the works? Or was I dreaming. Anyway, cool piece.

 Happy Birthday Graffiti Message

Art Relms Graff گرافیتی

A quick colourful throw. Relms. Terrible sun glare but still managed to get a decent picture. Not a bad little throw. Simple style lettering, but worth posting. More Graffiti coming soon. Or as its said in Persian, more گرافیتی to come.

Art Relms Graff گرافیتی

Atari Vandal

Nice Retro style 2-in-1 piece which reads MEF Vandal. Featuring some nice retro Atari (Arti) style graphics of a shoot em up game. I'm not sure what the game is called but there are a few games like this that were available on the Atari 2600. The artist, and me, are probably showing our ages a bit here! Most of the younger generation probably don't know what an Atari 2600 is!

Atari Vandal Graffiti

Actually, I was just looking up the old Atari console and found out that they brought out some updated versions called the Atari Flashback. Anyway, a cool piece. The picture doesn't do this piece justice as it was taken at close to full zoom from the opposite side of the canal..