Atari Vandal

Nice Retro style 2-in-1 piece which reads MEF Vandal. Featuring some nice retro Atari (Arti) style graphics of a shoot em up game. I'm not sure what the game is called but there are a few games like this that were available on the Atari 2600. The artist, and me, are probably showing our ages a bit here! Most of the younger generation probably don't know what an Atari 2600 is!

Atari Vandal Graffiti

Actually, I was just looking up the old Atari console and found out that they brought out some updated versions called the Atari Flashback. Anyway, a cool piece. The picture doesn't do this piece justice as it was taken at close to full zoom from the opposite side of the canal..

UFO Spaceship Style Graffiti

Took this one a while back and forgot I had it. The UFO has landed. Nice futuristic style piece here by Dept n Zookie, PHD, EKS SouthSide mafia and a name I can't read. Angels.. A UFO spaceship with a head, energy balls, and an onlooker that's either wearing a ski mask, or some kind of spray paint respirator mask checking out his handy work. Dope piece. #UFOGRAFFITI

UFO Spaceship Style Graffiti

Graffiti Art Birmingham

Superb piece that I think was done by MEF REMO. Seen a lot of his work and this piece has so many of his trademarks. Looks to be a great mix of stencil work and freehand. Love the shading and the orange character head with eyes, which I've seen quite a lot lately within MEF artwork. #GraffitiArtBirmingham