Nice Graffiti Unknown

Quite a nice throw here. Nice colouring. Haven't got a clue what it says though, or who put it up. An unknown. Looks to be initials of some kind. P.K.. CRK.. Open to suggestions.

Wish Wall

Posted a Wish throw not too long back. This one has been done in the same letter style but is more colourful than the last one (a chrome). Definitely done by the same person.


Another Day, Another Swae

No, this isn't the same SWAE piece that I posted last week some time. They just look quite similar. Another nice simple chrome throw with a blue background from SWAE.


NOZ Chrome Dub UK. I like this. It's basic but very clean and sharp. It has the names Ray and Kyle on either side, so big up to those two if it is their work. #graffiti #chromedub

Clone Chrome Art

A quick one worder. Clone!, covered in quite a lot of tagging. Another one of those basic, I'd rather post it than not throws. #chrome #clone #graffiti

Boz Devil Face Art

A quick little devil face. Does it say "Boz" or "BOT" with the head representing the "O"? I'm not sure. Maybe its just someones initials with a face in the middle. Odd little piece.

Ink Fink Wall Dub

Ink, by Fink. This originally said Fink, but someone painted over the "F" to put up the TOY piece (GOES) on the left. Nice quick Chrome Dub. Now it looks like it says Sink.

FAES Graff Lettering

A simple 3 colour throw with a yellow outline. FAES. I was going to post just one picture by FAES, but seen another one in the same folder that I thought should be published rather than not. Both were taken from a distance. So we got one a bit more block style, and one more on the bubble style of graffiti lettering. I do have more from FAES and will post them at a later date. See another one that was put up earlier in the year here.

Silver Swae Graff

Another clean chrome throw. This time from Swae. Nice classic style lettering. I've got some really nice pieces to be posted over the next few months, so be sure to look out for those.

Wish Chrome Wall Art

Another one word chrome throw with a purple outline. Wish. Picture isn't the best, as this was taken with quickly with a small point and shoot camera with the zoom on. Actually it looks better resized below. Nice simple throw. Lucky Wall Art.. Make a wish, and it might just come true..

MYME Chromer Straight Throw

Myme. Clean chrome straight throw with a blue outline spotted at the back of a power station. Excellent little piece, which looks much better at full resolution than it does resized below. Very sharp and well done.

Crazy Wall Artwork

Crazy piece of Graffiti here. What does it say? Who knows. Not 100% sure, but going on the tiger style patterning I would say it was done by MEF. I've seen him using that style quite a few times. CRY-RUE. Strange piece with a hell of a lot going on. Bit of a disappointing picture from me though. My excuses are camera shake and sun glare! Click to enlarge.

Weird Melt Style Graffiti

Last one for today. A weird little piece that has a kind of melting look about it. What does it say. It is hard to make out, but by zooming in, the tagging to the side reads CRZ. That is the name of a crew in the Birmingham area (UK) responsible for putting up some pretty good pieces. So yeah, I think it says CRZ. Strange piece.

Weird Melt Style Graffiti-Brown-Skin

A Finking Day

Another basic bubbler-style one worder from Fink. CRZ. Ignore this: #green #yellow #blue #streetart #graff #fink #birmingham #uk #artwork #2018

Bubble Fink Blue

A quick bubble style graffiti throw from Fink. Got quite a few Finks over the last few months. Regularly seen around the Birmingham area. See another one from Fink here.

Colour Throw Art

Colour crazy. Another one I'd rather post than have sitting hidden on a hard drive. This looks to be a cruder attempt of the Fink piece I posted not long back. People seemed to like that one.