Quick Graffiti TOY Collection 2017

For each of the really good pieces that are out there, it doesn't come without its fair share of TOY. If you don't know what toy means it basically means work that is not very good. Or in a lot of cases, terrible. TOY usually outweighs good pieces by miles. Please don't take offence if your work is featured here. Don't throw your toys out the pram ;-) If you're a beginner, then apologies, as we all have to start somewhere.

The standard here is rather high, as I'm used to seeing some seriously good pieces. If you're an old hand then take this as a cold dose of constructive criticism and step up your game. I should also point out that some of the people who done these throw-ups do actually have some good pieces out there too. Bad day, done when they were just starting out, or just hammered. Who knows. All pictures have been taken by me. This is by no means all the toys in my collection. Just a few of the chosen ones for today. Some of them are not too bad. Respect the toy. Enjoy the TOY! But never be one.

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