#urbanart #graffoftheday #graffiti

Took these pictures a while back. Just taking a look through some of the folders I'd forgotten about. Found some crazy graffiti that I will be posting soon. What a nice piece this one is. Close up, you can see that a fair amount of work has gone into this. The colour combinations and fading are right on point. Green and Blue are a good combo. I always like the deep greens because its one of my favourite colours. What does it say.. Ziner or Ziler? You let me know what you think. Excellent work NFA.. #urbanart #graffoftheday #graffitiart


Jumbled Up Chrome Dub

A jumbled up chrome dub. Wasn't going to post this but would rather people see it than not. I can't make out what it reads, but I think that's the general idea with this one. It's meant to be a head scratcher. The letters are misplaced. Reminds of a jig saw puzzle or something. Can you figure it out..

Super Stylin Throw

Super Stylin Throw. Here's another quick one for you. Super. This one is basically an outline piece, as it has no inner colouring / solid filling. This was done in 2017. Had to take side pictures as the walkway is too narrow to fit the whole piece in from standing directly in front. Stay tuned, I got much more to come. Including some more of my favourites for 2017.

Strange Graffiti Writing

Excuse the sun glare. Another strange bit of Graffiti writing. It reminds me of one that I photographed not too long back. See it here. They both share the same sharp style lettering. Not sure if this one was done by the same artist, but I presume it was given the fact that they are located on the same stretch, quite near to each other.

Strange Graffiti Writing 94

If they are by the same person, I think it was done by MEF or someone who he rolls with. I don't know what it says, but it's not a bad piece. The number 94 has been what looks to be stencilled on in certain places, and I presume that could be someone's date of birth. What does it say.. Let me know below.