Bromford Graffiti Mile

Bromford, Birmingham UK. Under the motorway next to the canal, there is a long walkway where people sometimes go and hang about, ride motorbikes. The usual stuff the youth get up to on most council estates. There has always been some decent Graffiti pieces down there, but it has been through some dry patches over the years where you'd see the odd good piece, and the rest is just name tagging, area reppin and swearing.

But within the last few years there seems to be a new generation of Graffiti artists who are down there quite a lot by the look of things. New pieces are popping up all the time. I've been down there taking pictures of the best pieces before the younger kids go over there and scribble over them. Had to be quick before the school holiday's started.

There are some really good pieces down there, a lot of them definitely worthy of preserving. Bromford Graffiti Mile is on fire. Make sure you pop back to this blog and take a look at some of the artwork, as there is much more to come. I'll be posting pictures hopefully every few days.

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